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IndieGoGo Is A Go-Go!

It has been a long journey with the “Raggedy” project but we are happy to announce that we are getting closer to the final product. What’s today’s breakthrough you ask? Well, we have launched our IndieGoGo page to help raise funds to finish the project. It can be found here.

Now, a lot of people use these fundraising sites for their films, sick relatives, comic books, etc., but our message is different. We aren’t discounting the importance of anyone else’s artistic our personal projects, but “Raggedy” is truly a picture that is meant for the fans. All of us have had or heard of Raggedy Ann and Andy at some point in our lives. This film is meant to preserve and celebrate the legacy of the dolls creator, Johnny Gruelle as he has made life more enjoyable for all of us with his creations. It is also a celebration of those who have always held a special place in their heart for Raggedy Ann and Andy.

This picture is meant for avid doll collectors, Raggedy Fans, Gruelle fans or those of you who once carried your red-haired doll named Ann or Andy everywhere you went.


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